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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to remove items from my record?

It take about 6-8 weeks to remove items from your record
What can be removed from my driving record?

We can remove tickets, accidents, suspensions, and points.

What cannot be removed?

Alcohol related offences. DUIs, wet wreckless and any other alcohol related items cannot be removed.

Wont bad items come off my record after a period of time?

No. Everything stays on your driving record forever unless it is removed by us.

I paid my ticket a month ago. Can I get it off my record?

Unfortunately no. Negative items can only be removed after 3 years.

I have a new ticket as well as some tickets from 5 years ago. Is this service still worth it?

Definitely. The H-6 you show your employer shows your lifetime record. Most employers don't care how long ago violations were. All of them count against you.

Is your service really worth it?

Removing negative items from your driving record can definitely get you a better job, save you embarrassment, and save you money.

I have a Class A license from California. Can you help me?

Yes. We are currently only servicing drivers with Califonia licenses. Keep checking back as we will be adding other states